One of my guilty pleasures is falling down the rabbit hole of TED videos online. One topic spurns me on to another like gently falling dominoes until I've spent two solid hours watching, listening, and taking notes on books I should buy. None of that time wasted, by the way. Every single moment so worth it. I find I end up using some of the information I gleaned relatively soon... like information CPR. That's why I'm so excited that TEDx is coming to the Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre (formerly Epic Theatre in the Epic Center above Central City Tap) Thursday, September 13th, from 6pm to 10pm.

TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is an evening of experts taking to the stage to present their theories, tests, and discoveries. Some, like Emily Levine's hilarious 2002 talk, take a deep approach to philosphy, while others, like this talk from Simone Giertz, reminds us that no knowing what you're doing is half of life. From the human genome project to the solar system to why some people see blue a little more acutely than others, a TED Talk will leave you forever changed.

Stay tuned to this link. Tickets will be available soon!

Some speakers at Kalamazoo TEDX:

More speakers to be added. Check back.

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