I was never much of a coin collector as a kid but, like many at that time, I looked for the Buffalo Head nickels and the really old pennies.  The closest I got to anything that could've become valuable was a 1940 nickel I found in 1968.  I actually held onto it for quite a while but have no idea where it is now.  I wonder what it would be worth now?

Well, word is you may not have to have something that old.  In fact, according to a story from WXYZ in Detroit, certain quarters from 1970 could be worth $35,000 or more.  The website simplemost.com explains why certain 1970s quarters are so valuable.  Apparently, some were minted over 1941 Canadian quarters and have a tiny '1941' above the word dollar.  So, if you've got some 1970s quarters laying around or you're going on a hunt, check them out closely.  For more details click HERE.

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