As we get ready for one of the best nights in Ribfest history, I'm reminiscing about the time Art Alexakis of Everclear stopped by the WRKR studio tp han out on The Rocker Morning Show.  The band was in town for the Summerland Tour back in July of 2016 with Sugar Ray, Sponge and Lit.  I couldn't make the show but reports were that it was kick ass.

Anyway, on the morning of the 27th, Art made his way in and talked about the emergence of the band, what it was like to go from playing clubs to playing arenas and what life is like now that we've entered somewhat of a nostalgia era.  What struck me the most was how thoughtful and interesting Art is.  Not only thoughtful in terms of interaction but thoughtful in terms of things that he feels are important in his own life and what he hopes are important in the lives of others.  The bottom line is Art Alexakis is just a very cool dude that you would enjoy hanging with no matter what he did.  And I'm looking forward to hanging a little bit later tonight at Ribfest before Everclear takes the stage around 9:30.  Hope to see you there.  For all the Ribfest 2019 information click HERE.



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