It's tough enough to deal with a boss who drives you batty, but learning the lingo may require overtime.

Glassdoor has surveyed 2,000 British people to find out what buzzwords in the office workers despise the most. Do these annoy you? Why don't you ping your co-workers and see how it affects your workflow.

To be fair, some of the expressions are pretty common. Who among us isn't familiar with "touch base," "game changer" and "let's get our ducks in a row?" That said, "punch a puppy" is new to us and makes us wonder just how cutthroat British business really is.

Here are the phrases employees loathe the most, along with the percentage who can't stand them. And if you're not sure what they mean, check out their brief definitions, provided by the Daily Mail.

  • Touch base - 24% - to get together to discuss a specific issue
  • Blue sky thinking - 21% - creative thinking with no basis in reality
  • We're on a journey - 13% - highlighting that a company or project has not yet fulfilled its goal
  • Game changer - 13% - something that will alter how things get done
  • No-brainer - 13% - something that is obviously a good idea
  • Thought shower - 11% - a meeting to share ideas, i.e., brainstorming
  • Run it up the flagpole - 11% - to share an to see how people respond to it
  • If you don't like it, get off the bus - 10% - implying that someone should quit because they aren't content in his or her position
  • Mission statement - 10% - a company's goals
  • Pick it up and run with it  - 10% - to continue a project started by someone else who is unable to complete it
  • Punch a puppy - 9% - to do something bad for the greater good. Think "you have to break some eggs to make an omelet."
  • Let's get our ducks in a row - 9% - to get people ready to do something

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