Mistakes happen. We all know that. But some days it seems you can't win for losin'. Mike McKelly recalled this gem: "About 25 years ago, I wanted to vacuum the RKR studios and the only outlet in the room was right underneath the control board. What I didn't know was the vacuum cleaner was a higher voltage than was acceptable for that outlet. When I turned the vacuum cleaner on, we lost all power in the building including taking three radio stations off the air. That was a pretty big screw up." The Rocker Morning Show asked you about your biggest work screw up. Here are the highlights.

  • Mark F. - "I cut part of my finger off on a meat slicer! I wasn't even supposed to be there that day..."
  • Jeff K. - "Totaled a company vehicle"
  • Jerry D. - "Screwed up a half a million dollar deal."
  • Mary M. - "8 months pregnant waiting tables I dumped a plate of spaghetti on a man's lap. Oops!"
  • Russel H. - "Spilling sulfuric acid on myself while adding it to the anodize tank"
  • Jack O. - "Wedges a box truck under a building drop off area. But the sign was wrong."
  • Ben G. - "Working for Parlin's furniture back in the day in BC, i fell asleep on a customer's sofa in the warehouse after the truck was loaded. It wasn't on purpose but i was caught by everyone."
  • Dan B. - "Lost a deal on a 25 grand Mustang I was trying to sell at the dealership."

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