It's not often you get the chance to chat with a person who spends his time face to face with some of the most feared predators on the planet, but that's exactly what Rocker Morning Show guest Joe Romeiro's day job is; camera man for Discovery Channel's famed Shark Week. We are enjoying the 32nd annual Shark Week now through August 16th, and Naturalist and award winning cinematographer, Romeiro, joined Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop to talk about what drew him to studying sharks and the effects that climate change has had on our oceans.

Although the noble shark certainly deserves an annual weeks-long celebration, haven't we learned all there is to know about sharks? Isn't it time we turned our attention to something like, say, Otter Week? "The otter deserves it's own week," Romeiro joked. "But to speak on that, the Great White Shark is probably the most looked at shark in the world. We still don't know where that animal mates. We still don't know where that animal gives birth. We have suspicions, but we've never seen it."

Certainly the Great White is the animal that comes to mind when we hear the word shark, but according to Romeiro Discover Channel isn't hurting for subjects to study. "There are 500 different species of these animals. We've only touched a grain of rice in a whole bag of them."
As a naturalist and cinematographer, Romeiro could have put his focus on any animal on the planet. So why sharks? "I think it was one of those animals that I felt was just incredibly beautiful. And I think that the traits that this animal holds area ll ones that we all really hold dear. The animal is mysterious, dangerous, it has freedom unknown to us - all the stuff - all the traits that you kind of want to see in yourself. To be honest, it goes back to what you said, 'There's no Panda Week'."

Check out the complete Rocker Morning Show interview with Joe Romeiro below.

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