It is the end of an era. After 30 years at the helm of the Rocker Morning Show, Mike McKelly is stepping down and retiring. He has seen co-hosts come and go, made so many people laugh, and terrified the play-by-play announcers at a Western Michigan University football game during what would later be known as the infamous Turkey Drop. Throughout the years he’s used his microphone to help so many local charities, promote the gems in our community, and highlight all that makes Kalamazoo a truly unique and wonderful place to be.

As his final co-host of the Rocker Morning Show, I have to admit this cuts deep. When you interview for a morning show co-host position, it’s a lot like setting up an arranged marriage; you have a few conversations, meet in person, work out a deal, and cross your fingers that you’ll have chemistry. Mike and I were a great match since day one. Not only did we get along on the air, he’s been one of my favorite people off air. Always quick with a joke, but nevertheless a shoulder or ear when you needed it most, he’s played the role of boss, jester, and friend. He’s seen me through some of the hardest times of my life and has always had my back. The station will certainly not be the same without the man, the myth, the McKelly.

Some of you remember his first Rocker Morning Show. Others grew up listening to him. He’s been a part of so many people’s lives; as the voice on your alarm, the laughter on your commute, and the Jokey Jokes that kick off your work day. Please join me in congratulating Mike McKelly on 30 years of service on the Rocker and well wishes for his retirement. Cheers, Mike! Thank you for all the rockin’ memories. We will miss you.

To hear his retirement announcement, click below.


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