With Firehouse Subs opening their first location in the area, it might help to know a few rules we complied before your visit.

1 - Do Know the Lingo

Firehouse Subs is, of course, firefighter themed. Want a turkey and ham? That's a Hook * Ladder. Or an Engineer? A turkey and Swiss with mushrooms. And want everything on your sandwich? Then it's "Fully Involved."

2 - Do Know Your Add On Options

You can add on an assortment of additional options to your sandwich like pickle, olives, cucumbers and peppers. But you won't see that on a big menu board, there's a small display near where you order.

3 - Don't Forget the Hot Sauce

Near where you'll pick up your order, there's an assortment of hot sauces labeled on varying degrees of heat. The chain even has a signature sauce called Captain Sorensen's Datil Pepper Sauce, and of course you can buy it in a fire hydrant bottle.

Maybe don't try all of the hottest hot sauces at the same time like this guy did

4 - Do Get to Know the Exclusive Drink

Firehouse Subs has their own version of a cherry limeaid. It's a little sweet for my taste, but has lots of devoted fans.

5 - Don't Forget to Round Up Your Change

Firehouse Subs has a charitable arm known as the Public Safety Foundation. They donate gear and essential equipment to first reponders around America. Want to round up that lunch charge to the nearest dollar? Sure.

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