Kellogg's slogan back in the 1960's was "The Best to You from Battle Creek." Well, in the world of breakfast foods, that originally meant cereal, but has expanded not only in the number of cereal products but to other items, including frozen waffles.

One thing Kellogg's has always been very good at is tapping into marketing to consumers, which in many cases has been children and young adults. Whether it's been toys inside the box or product mascots (with Tony the Tiger and Snap, Crackle and Pop being the best known, but there's also many others like Toucan Sam and Dig 'Em Frog), they've been very successful at tapping into that audience.

The latest example of that is the Eggo "Eggoji" waffles. Emojis are a big deal with many smartphone users and on social media, giving the users a feeling they are expressing themselves. And now, this gives them a chance to express themselves through what they're eating in the morning with an emoji drawn right into the waffle.

(Kellogg's via Instragram)

The cool thing about doing a story like this is you learn about a product's history, and Eggo was invented by a man named Frank Dorsa in the early 1950's as "Froffles", which was the words frozen and waffles tied together. The company name was Eggo and that's what consumers called them, so the name was changed pretty early on. Kellogg's bought the company in 1968, and tied it to the slogan "L'eggo my Eggo". To this day, that slogan is the Eggo's website address,

One last thing: Kellogg's says if you post a photo of your EGGOJI waffles, with the hashtag #EggojiNoKidHungry, Eggo will donate up to 100 breakfasts per post to No Kid Hungry . . . up to a maximum of 500,000 meals.

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