Depending on how the early week bad weather plays itself out, Thursday's Earth Day clean up in Kalamazoo City Parks could be fun or a bit of a struggle. The all day event is set to help clean up and to beautify five of the city's parks, this Thursday, April 22nd.

Those parks are Milham Park at 607 E. Kilgore Road, Spring Valley Park at 2600 Mt. Olivet Road, Upjohn Park located at 1000 Walter Street, Blanche Hull Park at 4225 S. Burdick Street, and LaCrone Park 535 W. Paterson Street.

The city, which needs you to volunteer for what is essentially trash pick up duty, says. As the city's release says: "Residents can grab a garbage bag at the entrances of any of the five participating parks, fill it up with as much litter as they would like, and then leave the bags near a garbage can in the park for parks staff to pick up afterwards."

But the City reminds you, you're not limited to those five parks. Feel free to grab a garbage bag and go to any park. And as an Earth Day activity, bring in your kids along and getting them involved not only teaches them to show a respect for the planet and earth we live on, but also gets them out of the house. At this writing, the weather is supposed to be pleasant on Thursday.

And all this is CDC approved and pandemic friendly as long as you stay away from everyone but your loved ones or family members by six feet.

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