I must say America is great again! Oh, not because of any political agendas or politicians but because Quaker decided to bring back to stores (nationwide) one of my favorite childhood cereals.

I hope if you're a child of the early 70's you had the opportunity to experience the culinary delicacy that is Quisp   Always a rarity in the cupboards of our home, discovering Mom had bought Quisp was like hitting the lotto.  Thing is though, you had to act fast because getting to the cupboard early in the morning way ahead of your siblings was key. I would lay awake at night like Ralphie in Christmas Story did, only instead of anticipating shooting bad guys with a Red Ryder BB Gun, I had visions of sweetened saucer shaped corn, floating alien-like in a bowl of milk.  I can still remember getting up super early and sitting in the darkened dining room consuming bowl after bowl after bowl. The crispy crunching morsels would roar in my head after every bite, drowning out my siblings cries of protest and threats of "I'm telling Mom your eating all the Quisp".  "Be like Mikey and eat the boring old Life cereal" I would retort, the Quisp was all mine.

So imagine my surprise, while gliding down the cereal aisle of my local grocer recently, when I come across the blue box with the infamous alien in the propellor beanie, his arms wide open as if to say "Your childhood idol is back JT...eat me"

Without hesitation, I began emptying the store shelf of Quisp like it was toilet paper and hand sanitizer during a pandemic.  As I approached the cashier (11 boxes total) I thought for sure she would limit me to just two boxes but alas, it wasn't to be. I was able to purchase every box without a single protest or a cry of "I'm telling Mom".

Please understand that its nothing personal when I tell you I can't divulge what store I found it at. It's  just I fear that should my siblings find its locale, they surely would drive completely out of the way to go buy up all the Quisp and deprive me of my beloved breakfast treat. I mean, I probably do have it coming to me but why not hold it off as long as I can. Thanks for understanding.

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