For almost 25 years the Home Builders of Association of Western Michigan have partnered with community organizations for the annual Fast Built House project. In years passed they've created stunning homes and training facilities for local fire and police departments. This year they're doing it again, with the help of Kalamazoo County Land Bank on September 13th and 14th for a build at the corner of Foresman and East Michigan. They need your help! The Home Builders of Association of Western Michigan is looking for a veteran buyer to purchase this property as their primary residence. According to information given to me, the "net zero ready, 1,025 square foot home is priced at $117,000."

Interested? Call Paul Valentine at Jaqua Realtors, 269-217-6250. September is fast approaching! If you'd like to help the Kalamazoo County Land Bank and the Home Builders Association of Western Michigan, give Paul a call today and join the 2018 Fast Built!

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