There's the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover." I up the ante on that, and say "Don't judge a home by its experior."

Case and point, this home in Akron, Ohio that's for sale. On the outside, it already looks great - very cozy, clean, and well taken care of. But if you just drive by it, you'd never know what all over the inside.

Home prices have skyrocketed in recent years, but at $130,000, this one in Akron is practically a steal. It's practically a 4,400 sqft home with an upstairs master suite, basement, and full backyard, patio, and garage. Built in 1942, this home is in great shape.

So why on earth is this place such a steal?

Well, it might have to do with the inside of the home. And actually, it's not that bad, just... a bit over the top.

Zillow/Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realty
Zillow/Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realty

The inside of this home has a HIGHLY customized paint job. When selling a home, versatility and the ability for potential home owners to customize it to their own taste is key. But this home has a very specific paint job that you would HATE to paint over.

For artists, the world is their canvas, and this artist chose to use the inside of this home as theirs. By all accounts, the art is amazing, but maybe not for the average home owner.

Nonetheless, it's pretty impressive, so take a tour of this home, and ask yourself...
1. Would you buy it like this?
2. If so, would you paint over "Ralph's" work?

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For most artists, the world is their canvas. This person chose the inside of their home, which is now for sale.

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