The Who reunited for the 25th anniversary of The Kids Are Alright in 1989. We've got a show recorded live from the legendary band this week on Live in Concert.

Roger Daltry, Pete Townsend and John Entwhistle grew up together in London, classmates at Acton County Grammar School. The three were making music together by 1961 as a band called The Detours. When they met a drummer who played so hard he broke a pedal and a drum skin when they played together, rock and roll was forever changed.

The day after Keith Moon died, Pete Townsend said, "we are more determined than ever to carry on, and we want the spirit of the group to which Keith contributed so much to go on, although no human being can ever take his place." Phil Collins reportedly wanted the gig, but it was Kenney Jones who climbed onto the drum riser and the band carried on until their farewell tour in 1983. The Who reunited at Live Aid in '85 and did a couple of one-off performances before a formal reunion for the 25th anniversary of their landmark album The Kids Are Alright. Saturday night, hear a a legendary performance from this tour, captured live at the Universal Amphitheater in the L-A area on August 24th, 1989.

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Very special guest Robert Plant is on the show this week with a couple of Led Zeppelin classics recorded at the Ace Hotel in L.A. during his 2016 tour. Hear Bad Company power through a trip of their best-known songs at a classic show from 1979, recorded live at Wembley in London. The Zoo TV tour took U2 around the world in 1993; we've also got a couple of songs from Sydney, Australia this week on Live in Concert. Don't miss this week's show, Saturday night at 8 on RKR.

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