Just like any other state in the union, Michigan has it's own particular vocabulary.  Living here we sort of take it for granted because we're so close to it.  Then there's the people in the other states that make fun of it; especially the upper peninsula.  Wait..What's the 2 letter abbreviation for that again?

Just when you think you've gone through all of the quizzes and tests to find out just how "Michigan" you are, comes another offering from, of all places, (wait again...will this sound sexist?) women.com.  Some of the questions are so easy that you think they're a trap.  Ya know, like "Does England have a 4th of July"?  That kind of thing.  So you find yourself second guessing yourself or you know you know the answer but it's so commonplace your not sure somehow.  Plus it's multiple choice so you're getting some possible answers that look close.  Anyway, I took the test and got 100% so it can't be that hard right?  Now you try.


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