In the wake of Fire Chief Switalski's tragic death, the Move Over Law is taking center stage. It isn't a suggestion, friends. The Move Over Law saves lives. So, let's review the law, shall we, and keep our first responders safe.

According to MDOT, the two big bullet points to remember are:

  • When approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with its emergency lights activated carefully move over into an open lane.
  • If this is not possible due to traffic, weather, or road conditions, slow down and pass with caution, allowing the emergency vehicle as much space as possible.

This law pertains to all fire and rescue vehicles, police cruisers and SUVs, ambulances, and tow trucks. Basically, if you see an emergency vehicle lit up like a Christmas tree on the shoulder, move over.

Bonus Video - Kalamazoo First Responders in the Right Place at the Right Time

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