The "X Train" has been making some big headlines, lately. The long line of cars on Kalamazoo's North Side often leaves broken glass, trash, and sometimes violence in their wake. The caravan has ripped up lawns, shaken residents awake, and left homeowners with the cleanup. The neighborhood has had enough. Law enforcement is cracking down on the X Train, having just made 20 arrests.

Getting it's name from the popular club drug, the X Train is a procession of cars (sometimes up to 100 vehicles) that drive bumper to bumper through the North Side, sometimes stopping on the street and holding a pop-up party with road access blocked. It has been linked to at least one shooting death, and multiple instances of vandalism and property damage. It is taking the combined effort of multiple law enforcement teams to tackle this issue, giving the public some reassurance that they are not alone in dealing with the X Train.

X Train Takedown

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