Kiss is currently on their "End Of The Road" tour.  Usually you would expect the band to have an opening band or co-headliner.  Kiss has neither as they have a painter opening for them.

If you saw Kiss in Grand Rapids on Saturday Night you saw David Garibaldi.  He is the painter that Kiss has opening for them on tour.

I wasn't sure what to think about a painter opening for a legendary rock band.   If you haven't heard of him or have seen him he is very talented painter.

For the show he painted three paintings and did so rather quickly. One was of David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen (he painted it upside down) and he finished with Kiss.    He was blasting music thorough out his set and tried to get the crowd into it.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly

It was different seeing something like this open the show but I thought it worked.  The crowd was there for Kiss but this guy was interesting and entertaining enough to get the crowd going.

Curious to see in the future if bands will continue to try something different like what Kiss is doing with Garibaldi.   At the show in Grand Rapids?  What did you think of David Garibaldi opening for Kiss?





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