According to a recent article, forcing students to deliver presentations could actually do more harm than good. The Rocker Morning Show wanted to know what you thought about whether or not students should be allowed to opt out of public speaking, and it caused quite the debate. Aside from the yeses and noes, some people had interesting points on either side of the issue. Here are just a few highlights:

Lori M.: Yes if they are not comfortable why would you force someone to do that

Todd A.: Although I HATED speaking in front of class when I was younger, it is an important skill to have as an adult. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Jill H.: Of course not. I was ridiculously shy in school, took debate starting my freshmen year. I was so scared that my hands visibly shook during my first presentation. Probably was the best experience to get OVER being shy and afraid to speak in public, there you go!

Mary K.: Yes, leave the Introverts alone.

Tim H.: Communication is one of the building blocks that kids should learn. I for one HATED speech class, was labeled by peers and teachers because I was introverted. But I can tell you this: by learning the aspects of public speaking then being forced to apply them, a learned in time to become a horrible public speaker but a better more rounded person.

Clif C.: I have long felt that “Public Speaking” should be a class to itself and a requirement in middle school. If it were taught as a subject students could learn how to do without fear.

Wendy M.: Yes. I did it in high school and college and it did nothing but cause anxiety. It didn't change the fact that I dont enjoy public speaking and its uncomfortable still. Some are great at it, some are just so uncomfortable that it does nothing but make it uncomfortable for everyone.

Bonnie A.: If you have a child with severe anxiety or issues with learning disabilities that make it harder for them to speak in public, you bet. However, it should be stressed that the decision should be made my parent, teacher, and child. There are huge benefits from learning to speak in front of a class.

Jim H.:'s an exercise in preparation and self confidence. It's very difficult for some...myself included, but it made me believe in myself more
Kathy LaRoe Yes!!! I hated it with a passion when I was in school.

Ray M.: They should be evaluated for possible referral by the school's guidance office if there's an emotional or psychological reason. If traumatized in a home environment or bullied at school they would get the help they need.

Betty H.: Yes and my teacher was so kind I didn’t have to. I just did it with her and I.

Pamela K.: Absolutely! Public speaking is a real phobia

Jessika L.: No. Public speaking anxiety is a real thing. But avoidance doesn't help, and this is a necessary, real life skill. Students who need more help in this area should be encouraged and met with patience. But allowing them to just opt out does them no favors.

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