Last week the Rocker Morning Show talked about a survey by YouGov that asked whether or not chest hair was hot. The results were incredibly close, with 25% of women preferring chest hair to the 27% who did not (the rest were undecided). So we wanted to know what Kalamazoo thought about chest hair, and our results were quite different:

Think it's HOT: 22

Think it's NOT: 13

It's not even CLOSE! Nearly twice as many people in Southwest Michigan prefer chest hair over those who don't. Some people had fun with this poll and left more than just a one-word response. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Ken H.: "For all the women who think chest/body hair is sexy... Hi, I'm Ken."
  • David C.: "If she braids it."
  • Mike H.: "Hair don't grow on steel."

Author's note: Someone did say "They're men. Men have hair." That's true, but women have hair and society has a whole bunch of expectations and rules as to what they do with said hair, so I think it's perfectly reasonable to have a preference on chest hair.

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