There are so many different ways to take your coffee these days. Some people swear by the flavor that only a French press can bring. Others have the patience (and apparently endless time) for a pour over. Espresso makers have made their ways in to more and more homes, keeping coffee lovers' favorite latte, cappuccino, or Caffè Americano within arm's reach. Hot? Iced? Cold brewed? Caf, decaf, half-caf? But the biggest debate about coffee, that still rages on to this day is how we take it. Cream? Sugar?

Zippia did a survey to see how each state takes their coffee, and Michiganders were more likely to ask for it hot with cream and sugar. Actually most of the United States seems to agree that is the way to go (even if they're wrong because putting anything in coffee is a sin, in my opinion). Only five states (Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and North Dakota) preferred their coffee black, while Vermont was the lone "latte". Pretty sure that wasn't even an option and they just wrote it in. What do you expect from a whole state known for autumn leaves and pumpkin spice? But I think the most surprising thing about the survey is the two states that prefer their coffee iced; Idaho and Alaska. Idaho never struck me as a state made up of hipsters. Whatever the case, however you take it, just enjoy it and remember to tip your barista.

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