Your daily cup of coffee is meant to be a serene, and calming moment for your day, but if you were having your daily cup of java on West Main Sunday, that "calm" quickly turned to chaos.

Authorities report that a car crashed through the front window of a West Main Coffee Shop after going airborne. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the accounts of the event were pretty scary.

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Sunday, just after Five Lakes Coffee closed at 1:30, Authorities say a car traveling on West Main Street, crashed through the front windows of the shop. General Manager of the store, AJ Evenboer said while their lobby was full at the time, thankfully, where the car hit, and the table and chairs it hit, were empty at the time.

Nobody was hurt in the accident, or in the shop.

Evenboer recounted the events with MLive later in the day, saying the driver was traveling west on West Main Street, when it drove up onto the curb to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle that was driving the wrong way in the westbound lane.

After hitting the curb, the car went up a snowbank, and crashed into the shop's front window.

"One of my workers said it looked like his car was flying in the air."

After police arrived, and the scene was cleared, the shop boarded up its windows to protect the inside from the elements, and cleaned up the mess. They are still open for business though, despite the wood-covered windows, which they say should be repaired soon.

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