Being in lockdown hasn't been easy, but for single people going through it alone, the isolation can feel a whole lot worse. In fact, a new study suggests that 2/3 of online daters have lowered their standards in the hopes of getting a date. I would like to think it comes from moments of self reflection, that sitting with yourself and your disgusting habits for so long makes you realize you're not the 10 you thought you were and have decided to be a little more realistic. However, I know the truth. Sometimes any port in a storm will do. Sigh.

That being said, Michiganders are in a great place to find love. Indeed The Mitten ranks 20th in a list of states (and Washington DC), according to this survey. They looked at marriage and divorce rates, the percentage of single people in the area, how often people searched for dating apps of online dating sites, and the average cost of the date. Which makes sense; you want to calculate overall success, see what the competition is, and be able to afford the date if you're lucky enough to get out of the house.

Washington DC came in at the very top, followed by Montana and North Dakota, which seems entirely random. New Jersey, on the other hand, is bringing up the rear, just behind New York. And did you see that an average date in Jersey costs $259.60? I'll take the extreme season swings for the $112.90 expense any day.

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