The popular entrepreneurial-themed reality show, Shark Tank, will welcome some Grand Rapids natives as they pitch their new dating app this Friday.

The app is called Tabby, and is a dating app specifically for cat people. That's right, if you are looking for love with the stipulation that your partner has to be a cat person, this app is for you.

Tabby a dating app that is designed to match users who own or want to own cats. So, you could say that it is purrfect for feline lovers of every kind. OK, sorry for the dumb joke, but it was just clawing to get out of me. Alright, no more cat puns, I'll stop right meow.

Brand manager for the Tabby Team, Nathan Kehn said, “People always give people with cats a bad name. Calling them Crazy Cat ladies because they are so dedicated to their cats. Honestly, I would love to find someone who is as dedicated in a relationship as cat owners are to their cats.”

Check out how the app works below.

Tabby was developed in Grand Rapids by Emberly Digital, which was founded by Cameron and Collin Versluis. It is the company's second dating app that they have published, both with a common theme. The first app that was launched by Emberly Digital is called Dig and is a dating app that is themed around dog owners and lovers.

Tabby will be pitched to the investors on Shark Tank by co-founder and CEO Leigh Isaacson D’Angelo and brand managers Nathan Kehn and Sterling Davis.

You can catch the Tabby app on Shark Tank Friday, October 29th at 8 pm on ABC.

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