It certainly has been a strange year. Many of us have had to celebrate birthdays over Zoom, rebook vacation plans, or even reschedule weddings. Halloween is a little different, though. Sure trick-or-treating had to be cancelled, but nothing is stopping you from dressing up for work or small, socially distanced parties. You know nothing is going to keep that guy at the office that has to have the most topical costume, one that totally captures the last year, from getting in the spirit. Remember when he came dressed as the alphabet Christmas light wall from Stranger Things? Or how about his first Halloween at your company when he came as Steve Bartman. Priceless.

Sure would be embarrassing to don a costume that someone else is wearing at the party, amiright? The good folks at Zippia want you to avoid that most awkward of Halloween Party faux pas. They got to work on finding out which costumes are most searched for in each state. By collecting Google data, they were able to figure out that mermaid is the most searched for costume in South Dakota, Adams Family in New Jersey, and Carole Baskin in Utah. You just knew there was going to be a Tiger King reference this year. There was no avoiding that inevitability.


But oddly enough, the most searched for costume in Michigan for 2020 is Spider-Man. Not that it's a bad pick, but it strikes me as an odd choice since there wasn't anything significant in Spider-Man centric movies/television/video games released in 2020. But I suppose any member of the Marvel universe never really goes out of style. One thing is for sure, it beats the "Sexy Mail In Ballot" costume.

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