Are you sitting down? Well, sit down some more. Kalamazoo ranks among the best cities for beer drinkers, according to a new survey. I know. I will be wearing my shocked face all day, however, I was a little surprised to learn that Kalamazoo is #45 of 50 cities surveyed. With all the craft breweries that have popped up over the last ten years and Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Brewing Program being a huge success, I would have thought we'd see our fair hamlet higher on the list. The data and methodology used for this survey examined five factors: total number of breweries, breweries per 100,000 residents, average number of beers per brewery, bars per 100,000 residents, and average price of a domestic beer. Is our population holding us back from the coveted #1 spot? We may never know. But, it's an honor just to be nominated.


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