When you are learning a new skill, criticism is key to improvement. When Kalamazoo Valley Community College launched their sustainable brewing program in 2015, students were able to taste-test their fellow pupils beers, however, the beer stayed in the classroom. It couldn't be offered for sale in the on-campus restaurant. The result? It went down the drain. Literally. What wasn't taste-tested was dumped.

KVCC is happy to announce that they have secured federal authorization and a new brewing license that will allow them to showcase student's brews at its 418 Restaurant. Think of it like the beer equivalent of an art student's art gallery night. The time, effort, and hard work of these students doesn't have to go to waste, and people within the program can get feedback from the restaurant goers. Soon six taps of student-brewed beer will be available.

Cheers, Kalamazoo Valley Community College on making your Sustainable Brewing Program even more sustainable.



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