I thought maybe I was going crazy. Maybe I was just noticing MORE of them because it was top of my mind, ya know? Like when you buy a new Nissan Frontier, and suddenly you notice all the other Nissan Frontiers on the road?

Turns out, I'm not crazy, and there are a CRAZY amount of people still driving around the Kalamazoo area, possibly even the state of Michigan, without updated license tags... or, tags at all!

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A thread on the /kzoo subreddit asked this same question:

And some of the responses are spot on.

User Campbech says...

"Our family started talking about the number of missing plates several months ago during the peak of COVID.
SO our family plays a game that we aren't allowed to end our drive from location to location until we find a car without a plate. We haven't ever had to change our route..."

Another user, fookman212, says they too play a game on the road:

"We like to play a game called 'New or Stolen'"

Literally, as I was pulling out on Gull Road this week to leave work, I snapped this photo within 30 seconds of driving down the road.


This was LITERALLY less than a minute after entering traffic, and it wasn't the last one I saw while driving home.

And this isn't a new issue.

Understandably, when the pandemic was at its peak in 2020, authorities laxed their enforcement of tag renewals, and vehicles with tags because of the amount of time, and the conditions people had to endure to renew and replace tags.

But that leniency went out the window in 2021. In April of last year, authorities made it clear they would begin pulling over drivers with out of date, or missing tags... or at least they SAID they would.

So WHAT are these people waiting on, and why are there SO MANY around town? Seems like anywhere else in the country, I'd be pulled over in SECONDS for not having a tag on my truck... speaking of which, it is time to update mine.

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