It should be said that just before I set out for my culinary adventure, I asked Eric Meier if he wanted me to pick anything up for him. He said, "I've had Mexican two days in a row." I looked at him like he had two heads. I have never in my life had too much Mexican food. There are the Meiers of the world, and then there's me...

My second stop on my quest to find the best tacos in Kalamazoo was El Gallo Blanco. The atmosphere is light, colorful, and homey. The staff greeted me right away. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Good start to a great lunch.

Stefani Bishop

Chips and salsa were delivered, as expected, and I really want to point out how good the salsa is at El Gallo Blanco. It was a thick, flavorful (roasted, perhaps?) puree; not watered down chunks of tomato that slide off the chips. And it had a kick. I'm used to the standard "safe" salsa; no heat, looking to satisfy every palate. This salsa took a bit of a risk. It delivered a welcome warmth. I was at serious risk of "filling up on bread," as they say.

Stefani Bishop

As per my last taco journey, I ordered three tacos, all Mexicana style. In order from left to right, I chose cactus, poblano pepper, and, at my server's suggestion, the Chipotle Cream Chicken.

Stefani Bishop

Not going to lie, the cactus and poblano pepper tacos were very, very good; spicy, savory, and welcome changes from my usual taco fare, but they couldn't hold a candle to the Chipotle Cream Chicken. The simple fiery cream based sauce (think melted cream cheese consistency) was all that chicken needed to serve up one hell of a taco. It was very rich, though, so one per visit should do you just fine.

Overall, the service was friendly and fast, the food was excellent, and I might even dream about that Chipotle Cream Chicken tonight. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for El Gallo Blanco.

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