Now it's just a matter of local pride. I'm secure in what beers I like and don't care for, and I know the beers made here in Kalamazoo, and nearby, in Grand Rapids, and Holland, etc, are pretty darned good, too. But still, these lists come out and I feel the need to puff out my chest a little tor the rest of the country.

Just Sunday night, my cousin posted a picture of her and a bottle of Pliny the Elder (usually in mortal combat with Two Hearted for some title or another), and I felt the immediate need to mention Two Hearted.

But back to this latest list. USA Today compiled a new list of 40 great tasting beers, and yes, "we're" well represented. And remember, these lists are compiled by beer snobs. Don't expect to find too many "popular" beers as you scroll down any list like this. And, as the article notes "the Dark Lord range made by Indiana's 3 Floyds Brewing, for instance, is available only at the brewery on one day a year).

But we can rightfully puff out chests out. Bell's alone had four entries, and Founders had three. Seven out of forty, behind only California, which is bigger than we are.

Here's the (local) hightlights from the list:

9. Two Hearted (Pliny the Elder was 11th, Pliny the Younger was 4th.)
26. Black Note Stout
30. Hop Slam
35. Expedition Stout, Bourbon Barrel-Aged

6. Founders' Canadian Breakfast Stout
19. Founders' Kentucky Breakfast Stout
22. 3 Floyd's Zombie Dust

One thing to remember, too, don't get your nose out of joint if your favorite craft beer is missing. "The author's dime, the author's dance floor." If I was voting, I'd add M-43 (or maybe Final Gravity's HashJuice) And New Holland Brewing makes some great beers, and they're not on here, but should be.

Bottom line: This is great list to have an argument over a beer with.

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