There are secret tunnels along the entire length of the Kansas Turnpike that most drivers don't know exist. These bunkers and tunnels could also be lifesavers.

They are storm shelters and are publicly accessible anytime there's a threat of a tornado or severe hail. Adjacent to toll plazas are smaller shelters, like in the photo above, that are intended to hold up to 15 people, including toll attendants as well as motorists. At service plazas the tunnels are much more extensive and serve as walkways for staff around the plaza on an everyday basis and only as a storm shelter when needed.

21 of the shelters along the Turnpike are underground bunkers and tunnels.

Kansas Turnpike Tunnel Videos

While the tunnels aren't truly secret, they are considered not well known, likely that's why there are lots of news stories covering them. This reporter for Fox4 Kansas City says just that as she introduces a walkthrough of the tunnels as a 'little known secret of the Kansas Turnpike. This video showcases a larger tunnel, the kind found a service areas rather than the smaller tollgate shelters.

The Kansas Turnpike itself has put out informational videos showcasing the tunnels and shelters.

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This video shows the capacity of the smaller shelters with about 15 people able to fit. Watch them pile in 'clown car style.

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