If you're like me and my family we are really looking forward to getting out and about.  Not to mention that summer is on the way in West Michigan and that means going to the beaches along Lake Michigan.  Maybe like us you've started to make a list.  This year ours includes going to some of the shoreline locations we've never been.  Ludington is one of those places and now it has a brand new old attraction.

We've gotten word from the West Michigan Tourist Association that the folks at the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association have found a new shipwreck off the shore of Ludington near the entrance to the State Park.  How convenient.  Apparently, the increase in water levels on Lake Michigan are revealing some never before shipwreck remains.  All my life I've wanted to get certified for scuba diving so I could explore some of the many wrecks in the Big lake.  Maybe this is the year.

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