I don't know about you, but I look around and I worry for the future of rock n' roll music. But then I see a video of these kids at the Chicago School of Rock covering some early Judas Priest and I know there's hope for "long live rock and roll".

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I hate the term "youngsters", so let's just say these talented young musicians get it. They'd have fit in fifty plus years ago as an emerging (albeit young) rock band.

Celia Porter takes the lead vocals and does justice to Victim of Changes. But the lead guitarist, Judah Sweig has the attitude and the mannerisms you'd expect from anyone playing this song or any other of it's kind.

(MidWest Concert Video via YouTube)

A little history on the song, it comes from the band's late 1975 effort "Sad Wings of Destiny, which initially didn't do much, but fans discovered Victim of Change,, which evolved from original lead singer Al Atkins' "Whiskey Woman" and Rob Halford's "Red Light Woman".

As for the Chicago School of Rock, it's like the music lessons some of us older geezers took while growing up. On the CSR website, it's describe it this way: A "Rock Music Performance Program for youth ages 7-18. Real rehearsals, real shows, quality instruction. Students practice and rehearse for @14 weeks, and then put on a real rock and roll show at a real rock and roll venue!"

Closer to home, the Kalamazoo Academy of Rock is conducting audition, and you can schedule one on their website.

If they ever do a remake of This is Spinal Tap, hopefully these can be the inspiration for another movie classic.

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