Here in Southwest Michigan we are fortunate to have plenty of snow now to get out and enjoy snowmobiling.   If you plan to head out ,here are things to remember if you go out this winter.

According to Michigan Department of Natural Resources,   you need to purchase a trail permit to operate a snowmobile in the state.   This years permit runs now through September 30th of 2017.  You will also need to get a registration for your snowmobile through  the Secretary of State.

Once you take care of those items you can refresh your knowledge of rules and regulations for vehicle operation in Michigan here.

Now if your looking to get out to one of the nearly 6,500 miles of designated trails in Michigan the DNR have maps for the various trails through out our great state.

Enjoy the trails this winter and be safe.   For more details on snowmobiling in Michigan you can head to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources page on Snowmobiling.