If you're someone who is stressed out by clutter or disorganized decorations...be warned: the tour of this home may be slightly triggering.

In Northport, MI sits a very bright and somewhat discombobulated home for sale. The home, listed by Lisa Mcsauby at Five Star Real Estate - Cedar, includes:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 full bathrooms
  • central air
  • 2-car attached garage

And probably one of the most beautiful views you can find in Michigan. Located at 11805 N Foxview Dr., the home is listed for $1,500,000 (a 200k increase from when it was first listed). The agent can be contacted at 231-499-9198 and you can see the full Zillow listing here.

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Now, let's take a tour of this somewhat dizzying home with a breathtaking view:

This Bright, $1.5 Million Home in Northport Has the Best View

A home recently listed for sale in Northport is certainly colorful. And, it offers a fantastic view of Lake Michigan

See? Gorgeous on the outside. VERY busy on the inside.

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