Are you as surprised as I was?  This is not only an embarrassment, it's an outrage!  The fact is this didn't happen overnight.  It's been going on for a long time!  According to Eli Newman on, researchers at Michigan State University claim education funding in Michigan has decreased more that any other state in the last 25 years.  My first thought was what about all that lottery money???  But as I read further, there have been more important failures to cause such a disaster.

The study shows that Michigan public school funding is nearly 20% lower than it was in the 1990s while every other state in the country has increased their rate of funding during the same period.  The main culprit?  Proposal A which was passed by voters in 1994 which shifted responsibilities from local districts to the state.  So guess what happened.  The state tried to, among other things, fund schools on the cheap instituting policies and goals without adequate funding to insure that they had a fair and reasonable chance to be met.  There are so many other factors in play and I would encourage you to click HERE to find out more.




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