We got hit with a lot of wind, but north of Grand Rapids, especially in the UP, not only got the wind, they got a lot of snow as well!

Sunday into Monday, news reports were everywhere about how bad the storm was across the state and heading north.

I-75 in Otsego County was shut down because of snow drifts, and people from Mackinaw City into the UP were told not get out - and most roads were closed.

We didn't see all that around here, so it was a bit hard to take in and believe.  Could they be exaggerating a bit?

I’m guessing after seeing this post from the Chippewa County Sheriff’s office, they aren’t exaggerating at all.

They posted a picture on Facebook, one of their Ford Explorers, stuck in a snow drift, while officers were on patrol helping stranded motorist during the storm.   The sheriff’s office said the officer drove through a 5 foot drift, and made it through only to get stuck a short time later. They also clarify that yes, they are standing in the middle of the highway, the officer wasn't trying to "off-road" it.

According to the post, it took the officer, with the help of the county road commission and neighbors, 5 hours to get the police vehicle unstuck.

Yeah, probably don’t head north for a while if you really don’t have to... they have a lot of shoveling left to do.

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