Seems like every other day, we're banning, or canceling something new. Sometimes they're justified, and sometimes it's just because your aunt Karen had a few too many glasses of Red Wine before watching Sesame Street that day.

Some people, though, have turned it into something a little less serious, and Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie has just released their annual list of the "banned" words and phrases.

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"Stop resorting to imprecise, trite, and meaningless words and terms of seeming convenience! You're taking the lazy way out and only confusing matters by over-relying on inexact, stale, and inane communication!"

That is the message, at least, that LSSU is sending with their new list of "Banned" and "Banished" words and phrases of 2023.

Now, obviously, the list is written as a tongue-in-cheek method, and they aren't actually calling for people to completely stop using these words and phrases, but it does make you think about the words you use on a regular basis, and if you're actually using them correctly... or if you even need to use them at all.

"Words and terms matter. Or at least they should. Especially those that stem from the casual or causal. That's what nominators near and far noticed, and our contest judges from the LSSU School of Arts and Letters agreed." - Peter Szatmary, University Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

So let's break down the list, and see how many you might be overusing, and might need to remove from your daily vocabulary.

2023 List of Banned Words and Phrases From Lake Superior State University

How many of these "Banned" and "Banished" words and phrases do you use, and overuse in your daily vocabulary?

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