Every year, it seems Midwest state compete for the best names in their Snow Plow fleet, and each year, Michigan seems to come out on top with the best names.

This year is no different, as Michigan has released the fleet's lineup, and there are some doozies across the region, especially in southwest Michigan.

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Michigan is known for its creativity for naming its plows, and of course, there's plenty of reason to GET creative, as we're all typically shut into our homes during the winter months. We have to find ways to have fun when there's 6-inches, or more of snow on the ground, right?

Despite a slow start for most of Michigan this year, there are plenty of great names in this year's fleet, and we've got some of the best in the gallery below.

For the winter of 2023-24, you'll be able to track this year's fleet by visiting their website.

Michigan's Best Snow Plow Names for 2023/24 Winter

Gallery Credit: Canva


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