Not all drone videos need an expert pilot capable of aeronautical acrobatics. The serene beauty of the Upper Peninsula's Tahquamenon Falls is breathtaking.

The centerpiece of Michigan's Tahquamenon Falls State Park is "one the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi. It has a drop of nearly 50 feet and is more than 200 feet across. A maximum flow of more than 50,000 gallons of water per second has been recorded cascading over these falls." The fall colors are eye-catching this time of year.

Your typical YouTube drone video usually involves tricky stunt flying, spectacular crashes or a birds-eye view of a place we've never seen quite like this; a new view on the familiar. This drone video has none of that, as the unit is hovering, stationary, with the camera trained on the waterfall.

Even motionless, it is magnificent.

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