Fall is almost here and it is about that time to get out and see the colors of the season.  There is now a map that can predict the best times to see all the colors.

According to the story from WZZMSmokey Mountains dot com has a map that shows the peak times for fall color in Michigan.

The peak times depends on what part of the State you are in.   If you head to the Upper Peninsula you can start to see peak color around September 28th.

If you want to see the colors around the entire Upper Lower Peninsula your best time would be the week of October 12th.

The best time in our area will be around the week of October 19th.    Michigan has many great locations to view the colors of fall.

Here is a great list of the best places in our state to see the fall colors.   Another great location is Tahquamenon Falls near Newberry in the Upper Peninsula.


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