There was nothing like it in the country when Kevin Ketchum started the Midwest Soda Pop Festival in Gobles back in 2011. Now, the event is bigger than ever.

Some call it "soda" but, in Michigan, we call it "pop." The Midwest Soda Pop Festival has much more than Vernors, Faygo, and Towne Club; in fact, you'll find 130+ flavors of glass bottled pop to please any palette. You remember when it was in glass bottles, right? From root beer to birch beer, to butter beer, orange, blueberry and strawberry soda, red pop, bubble up, 7up and almost anything else you can think of will be for sale.

Kevin Ketchum, owner of Klassic Arcade, Klassic Arcade 2.0 and Gobles' biggest cheerleader started the event to raise money for new equipment and landscaping for a local playground. The funds have grown much faster than the 10 cent deposits add up. The Midwest Soda Pop festival is free to attend and takes place downtown Gobles from Noon-5 pm on July 13, 2019.

  • Car & truck show
  • Live music
  • Dunk tank
  • Petting zoo
  • Vendor booths


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