Someone took on the role of the 'Hamburglar' earlier this week at a McDonald's restaurant in Michigan. A statue of the famous fast-food clown Ronald McDonald was stolen in the city of Bad Axe, in the state's Thumb-region, and was later discovered in "rough shape" according to police.

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According to the Huron Daily Tribune, the statue was taken sometime during the early hours of Sunday, February 20. Bad Axe police were called to the McDonald's restaurant on N. Van Dyke Rd. to investigate the theft. The local family that owns the store says the statue was being stored in an area of the back parking lot because it was going to be repainted. It normally sits out front to greet guests as they enter the McDonalds.

There was a 'Do Not Remove" sign on it, but it stop the thieves. While looking over some surveillance videos, two men were seen taking the statue just before 2:00 a.m.. They were in a truck in a nearby parking lot and dragged it to their vehicle before taking off.

As police continued investigating on Monday, the statue was located in an area near the village of Kinde, which is just north of Bad Axe by a few miles. It was recovered but police said it had sustained some damage during the robbery. The suspects have also been identified but no other information about them has been released at this time.

This isn't the first time a Ronald McDonald statue in Michigan has been taken. About a year ago, in March 2021, someone in the Detroit-area stole one from a McDonalds restaurant. That one was also recovered a few days later.

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