Trash and recycling pickup in Kalamazoo has been suspended for January 30 and will resume on a one-day delay weather permitting.

The entire county of Kalamazoo is on hold as garbage collectors deal with the polar vortex just like the rest of us. As the snowbanks get higher and higher there's no room for the trucks and your containers may become a herby curby popsicle.

After advising that cans should be placed in driveways and not the street to give the plows room to work, (where is my plow truck anyway?) Kalamazoo County has put recycling and trash pickup on hold for January 30.


The United States Postal Service and all State of Michigan government offices have closed as Governor Whitmer has declared a state of emergency. Collection efforts are expected to resume on Thursday, one day behind the regular schedule.

Maybe we need flamethrowers on top of the garbage trucks like the school bus? Somebody should give this little guy the keys!

h/t MLive

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