A YouTube user caught an unexplained object hovering in the skies over Kalamazoo. Is this proof of an extraterrestrial visit?

Lil C, an avid Fortnite player, amateur chef, fitness buff, and smoking enthusiast has says he's "puttin' everything out there" on his YouTube channel, and this is definitely out there. In a video published June 28, unidentified lights are filmed in the sky. He doesn't say exactly where he is when these "3 circle lights flying extremely fast" were spotted, but he's tagged the video Kalamazoo, MI.

This is definitely amateur video, it lasts less than a minute, and we never get quite a focused look at the lights but it does look strange. One commenter argues that the craft is a plane but the reply is "Did u watch to the end when we zoom in you not woke yet lil bro."

See for yourself. There might be a simple explanation for this. Or, maybe not.

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