From previous offerings on this platform I have described my wonder for what happens above.  From the day I got a telescope, to the NASA Apollo Program, to seeing all the stars in the Montana sky to the Northern Lights it's been a long strange trip.  Perhaps it's the distance or maybe the vastness of what will never fully be explored.  Whatever it is I'm fascinated and always will be.

This week my trusty 1969 telescope will make another appearance.  According to an article on, Jupiter, Saturn and the moon will line up in the sky.  Starting Friday these 3 celestial bodies will be positioned side by side.  On the 9th, the moon will be above and to the left of Jupiter with Saturn farther to the left.  On the 10th the moon will move almost exactly between the 2 planets and the move just to the right of Saturn on Sunday.  The question is: When will I get to see Uranus???  Check out more by clicking HERE.


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