We're dealing with an outbreak for the first time in recent history, but these three tips on how to stay positive in a crisis can help at any time. Natural disasters, violence, and certainly illness are all times to keep these things in mind.

1. Enjoy the small things. We live in a pretty fast society. We only get the chance to smell the roses if the roses are clearly marked on our to-do lists and are not too far out of the way. Since we're all spending more time at home, be present for the little things. Really taste your favorite cup of tea. Make and savor your favorite dessert. Read to your young child and use all the funny voices you usually don't have time for. Create memories and moments.

2.  Strengthen your connections. I know it seems counterintuitive to talk about connection when we're socially distancing ourselves, but connection doesn't mean contact. Remember that friend from college you've been meaning to call? Call them. Your 96-year-old great aunt can't have visitors in her nursing home. Call her. Heck, most of us don't know our neighbors. Write them notes and offer to help run errands if you feel they are more vulnerable. We're going to come out of this a more connected society (I hope).

3.  Look for the good in others. There's so much news to filter through, and some of it is downright scary. However, there are some great things happening in the wake of this crisis that are truly restoring faith in humanity. Don't believe me? So far I've put together two articles with ten stories each about the adaptations people are making to help us get through this. From helping neighbors to 3-D printing needed medical supplies to funny animal stories. It's all here and here to remind us that we will get through this.

For more great tips on how to get through the crisis, click here.

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