A new law just signed by Gov. Whitmer allows consumers to recoup costs and fees if they resell a ticket to an event they no longer want to or are able to attend.

Until now, it was illegal to re-sell tickets for more than face value in Michigan. Yup, those guys you would see hanging around outside of the venue offering tickets were breaking the law if they charged you more than the printed price. This law applied to events like "admission to a theatre, circus, athletic game, or place of public entertainment or amusement."

Senate Bills 384 and 385, signed on Oct. 1, decriminalize selling individual concert and event tickets. Now, if you decide not to attend a concert, sporting event or performance, you may offer the tickets for resale at a higher price than face value, allowing you to recoup the cost of extra fees you may have paid when purchasing them. The caveat is, you must have these tickets in your possession.

The second provision of these new laws outlaws bots, software and websites that purchase tickets en masse. Persons found to be operating or using websites or distributing or selling software that buys up all the best tickets immediately when they first go on sale will face criminal charges of a $500 fine and not more than 93 days in jail.

The new provisions take effect 90 days from now. It's going to be a lot longer than that before we have concerts to buy tickets for.

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