Is it wrong to try and take down a 100 year old nun?  I'm going to say no!  Who's with me?  Like many around the country and the world we've enjoyed the Cinderella story that is #11 seed Loyola Chicago making it's way through the big boys into the final four.  Then add a nearly 100 year old nun in a wheelchair cheering on her team, well this is a story you'd only see in the movies.

But then after their elite eight win, the adorable Sister Jean did a little 'calling out' of Michigan and Michigan fans.  Sure it was as benign as 'you wipper snappers better watch out for The Ramblers' but it's still smells like trash talking.  But...but she's a a wheelchair!  Are we allowed to 'trash' talk back?  Maybe not in the way we'd like.  Thankfully, a bank in Ann Arbor found the perfect way.  Check it out HERE.  GO BLUE!!!!!!

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