The first time I saw this photo of what appears to be a human sized doll house, I was reminded of the quote from the film Zoolander where he completely misses the concept of a model and and questions it as a "Center For Ants." Honestly though, there is a super tiny house in Flushing located off of McKinley Rd on the West side of the street in between Dodge & Wilson Rds. I have no idea what this house could be used for, who could be comfortable living in it and why it's so small to begin with. It turns out, it may just be what's known as an "In-Law" house, which Id never heard of before:

It’s the most common name for a small dwelling on the same property as (and perhaps attached to) a single-family home, where an aging family member (or others) can live with some modicum of privacy and independence. It’s often a separate space with its own bathroom, sometimes in a basement or over a garage. In-law suites are also referred to as accessory dwelling units, multigenerational units, secondary suites, or granny flats. In Hawaii, they’re known as ohana units., but in the Southwest, they’re frequently called casitas.

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One local said this particular house was a "back-yard Folly", and that its origins may have been a tool shed, hen house, potting shed, children's playhouse, but the owners re-roofed it to give it an admired future.

It's definitely not abandoned as it sits on a piece of property that's occupied, but still a fun road-side attraction if you're ever in the area.

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